Grab menopause by the ovaries in 2023

December 3, 2022
Virtual and On-Demand

8:00 am - 1:00 pm PST

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Take control of your menopause journey


For far too long, society (and bad medical research) has told us that our only option is to endure the changes of menopause. That we're just getting old and things change....that our best active years are behind us.

That's not going to work for us. We are the most active generation of women to enter menopause in history. We're not ready to put our goals on the back burner.

It's time to grab menopause by the ovaries and take control of our changing bodies.

Join us for a one-day event where we set aside time to dial in our menopausal health and fitness with in-depth sessions on our hormonal, headspace, pelvic floor, training, and nutrition needs to crush our fitness and life goals in the new year.

 *As a note, we know that not all women experiencing menopause have ovaries. Trainers, coaches, and any practitioners who work with women are also welcome to attend.

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Keynote: Nicole Sin Quee: Going Through It—And Finding Success on the Other Side!

National champion multi-sport athlete, Nicole Sin Quee experienced injuries and mental struggles during perimenopause, which required her to give herself grace and time and space to find her athletic self again. She’ll be sharing her hard-earned wisdom firsthand.

Dr. Carla DiGirolamo: Hormones! Hormones! Hormones!

Menopausal hormone therapy (aka MHT or HRT) is on our minds as science shows it’s safer than we once thought. But there are still many considerations for menopausal women. We cut through the confusion here, so you can make informed personal decisions for your best health.

Claire Callaghan: Train Smart and Avoid Injury, “Itises”, and Other Aches and Pains

The menopause transition can increase the risk for overuse injuries and other exercise-related aches and pains. Learn how our sex hormones affect our muscles and connective tissues and what you can do to stay injury-free during this time of life.

Amy Hill Fife: Ending Pain, Leaks, Infections & Other Unwelcome Vaginal Issues

Menopause and ovary-related low estrogen can cause a cascade of pelvic floor and vaginal issues, including pain with sex, urinary leakage, UTIs, and chafing during exercise like running and riding. Learn how to address and avoid these issues.

Lauren Antonucci: Finding Food Freedom and Abolishing Diet Culture

Fuel your active life through menopause! No more "good" and "bad" foods and trendy diets. Learn the real truths on how eating MORE, listening to your body and empowering yourself with accurate nutritional information will finally change your relationship with food for the better.


Be inspired by leading menopause experts

Selene Yeager


Selene Yeager is host of the Hit Play Not Pause podcast and Feisty Menopause content manager. She is a trainer, athlete, and best-selling author.

Nicole Sin Quee


Reigning Off-Road Triathlon National Champion in the 50-54 AG. Nicole is living proof that menopause is not the end of the athletic line, but a new beginning.

Amy Hill Fife


Amy Hill Fife, MPT, of Pelvic Health PT (Private Talk), helps tens of thousands of women overcome embarrassing, limiting and painful pelvic health issues.

Dr. Carla DiGirolamo


Carla DiGirolamo, MD, is an endocrinologist and OB/GYN specializing in menopausal medicine. She is a nutrition coach and a member of CrossFit Health

Lauren Antonucci

Lauren Antonucci, RDN, CSSD, is a marathoner, Ironman triathlete, mother of three, and author of High-Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes

Claire Callaghan


Claire Callaghan B.Pty, specializes in musculoskeletal health and injury prevention and management in active menopausal women.

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