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Julie Young

Finding Your Personal Peak

mindset May 26, 2021

What can you do today to make yourself better tomorrow? The best answer to that question is based on you and you alone. Not what other women are doing. Not what you think you should be doing. Not what you used to do. But what you need to do—how to learn and improve—today based on where you are right now. This week’s guest, coach Julie Young lives, breathes, and, of course, teaches that philosophy to help her clients optimize personal performance, no matter their age or menopausal status.


Julie’s personal accomplishments include winning 2019 Single Speed US National championships and the singlespeed category at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race in 2018, both of which she accomplished over the age of 50. She had a 12 plus year cycling racing career as a National team rider, racing in Europe and for pro teams like Saturn and is considered one of America’s most dominant European stage racers of her era. As a “retired” pro, Julie continues to push herself, competing and winning in gravel, cyclocross, mountain bike, X-terra, and trail running events, including a win at the 50k Trail National Championships. Julie works as the Sports Science Specialist at the Kaiser Sports Medicine Endurance Lab, where she does a wide range of physiology testing. She is a certified Specialized Body Geometry Bike Fit Technician and a certified Medicine of Cycling Bike Fitter. She is also the owner of Julie Young Training, where she provides individual coaching. You can find more about her services at


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