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It's Not time to Slow Down with Dr. Vonda Wright

joint health Jun 16, 2021

“Maybe it’s time to slow down.” That’s the message menopausal women often get from their friends, family, and yes, even physicians when they have joint pain and nagging injuries like Achilles tendonitis or “menopause arthritis” that are preventing them from running, riding, and hitting the weights without pain. This week’s guest, active aging expert Vonda Wright, MD, is simply not having it. Instead, she’s using her 20 years of medical acumen and wisdom to help others optimize aging, maximize mobility, and enjoy vital, healthy, active lives.


Dr. Vonda is a double-boarded orthopedic surgeon, elite sports doc, public speaker, multiple time published author, bio tech consultant and health innovator. Her mission is to understand the causes of joint pain, ways we can improve joint health, and stay active and fit as we age. You can learn more about her work and practice at


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