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Time Under Tension (TUT) Training

balance strength training May 01, 2024


By Carla DiGirolamo MD, CFL1  


Time Under Tension (TUT) Training


Time under tension (TUT) refers to the amount of time your muscles spend under resistance. TUT promotes muscle strength and growth, which can result in increased bone density and lower body fat percentages. TUT also helps develop neuromuscular control, which is critically important for balance, coordination, and stability – the key elements for preventing falls, fractures, and other injuries as we age.

There are several ways to increase TUT. Today’s workout focuses on tempo repetitions and isometric holds. This is a heart rate zone 2 workout that packs a punch with this unique and challenging combination of movements that target upper and lower body strength, stability, and neuromuscular control.

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Warm-Up and Movement Practice


Select your cardio segment option (run, bike, row, or ruck) and perform at an easy pace for 5 minutes.

Watch the movement demo videos carefully and take 5-10 minutes to practice your movement options/modifications.




10-minute zone 2 run, bike, row, or ruck

  •  4 rounds
  •  1:00 Wall sit
  •  Right side 5 tempo (3:1:1) single-leg squat to a bench
  •  Left side 5 tempo (3:1:1) single-leg squat to a bench
    •  3:1:1 refers to 3-count down, 1 count hold at the bottom, 1 count up

10-minute zone 2 run, bike, row, or ruck

  •  4 rounds
  •  1:00 overhead weighted hold
  •  10 Plank shoulder tap – right side
  •  10 plank shoulder tap – left side 


Cool Down

Here is a 20-minute Slow Flow yoga sequence to round out this day of body control and jump start your recovery.

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