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Agility Training for Longevity

agility strength training Apr 23, 2024


By Dr. Carla DiGirolamo MD, CFL1 


Fall and fracture prevention has risen in the ranks alongside cardiovascular health in importance for longevity and vitality. Loss of function, mobility, and independence as a result of osteoporosis and fracture are among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in aging women.


So today we are going to arm ourselves in this battle with movement patterns that will help improve balance and stability, along with muscular strength and bone care - with a little intensity built in so that our cardiovascular system doesn’t feel left out!


This is a higher-volume “chipper”-style workout that challenges core and hip-extensor strength and stamina with the kettlebell swing that alternates with a higher-skill agility movement with the reverse lunge-to-knee-up. If you want to add a little intensity and plyometrics, add a hop to the knee-up.


We cool down with a yoga segment that further challenges balance and stability as you rest and recover from a workout well done.


Warm-Up and Movement Practice


AMRAP 7 min


Once you complete the AMRAP, test out and select your weights and options for the workout. Select a kettlebell weight that you can do confidently for 10 repetitions unbrokenWatch the video and practice the reverse lunge-to-knee-up. Try to do at least 5 repetitions unbroken on one side before switching sides. If this movement is not realistic for you, check out the options below and choose an option that you can do confidently.




For Time: Perform 40 swings, then 40 reverse lunge-to-knee ups, then 30 swings, then 30 reverse lunge-to-knee ups, etc until you complete the repetition scheme.

TIP: Ideally, target 5 or more reverse-lunge-to-knee-ups on one side before switching sides. Ensure that you split your repetitions evenly between both sides to total the number of repetitions in the scheme below.

40 – 30 – 20 – 10

  •  Kettlebell swings (or double dumbbell swings)
  •  Reverse-lunge-to-knee-up


Movement Alternatives (for the reverse-lunge-to-knee up):


  • Reverse lunge in place holding dumbbells at your side or a single dumbbell/kettlebell in a goblet position at the chest. Use a lighter weight or just body weight.
  • Weighted box step up. If you have a stable box or step available to you, try this option for more of a strength focus that will get you breathing heavily. Hold 2 dumbbells by your side. Choose a weight that allows you to do 10 repetitions (R + L = 2 repetitions) confidently, without rest.
  • Jumping switch lunge Choose this option for a high-intensity cardiovascular and plyometric focus.


Cool Down


To round out today’s focus on balance and agility, let’s dial down our stress response and cool down with this yoga segment that focuses on low-intensity balance poses. This will be a great test after challenging your core stabilization during the workout! 

Power Flow with Advanced Balances Yoga from Five Parks

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