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Power Meets Skill

strength training May 06, 2024


By Carla DiGirolamo MD, CFL1 


Last week’s workout used isometric holds and tempo repetitions to challenge body control by increasing the amount of time that the muscles spend under tension (TUT). This week we continue to work on body control by adding higher-skill movements that require coordination, core strength, and body control.

Adding layers of complexity to training is especially important for midlife women where muscles are seeing less cycling estrogen and a natural decline in male hormones such as testosterone. With less hormonal stimulation of muscles, we need to find other ways to stimulate them. By increasing the complexity of our movements, we task the nervous system to recruit and coordinate multiple muscle groups which creates new opportunities for adaptation and your next level of fitness.


Warm Up


AMRAP 7 (As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes)

*Elevate hands on a stable box, bench, couch – whatever height is a light to moderate challenge for this workout. Knees down is also an option today.


Movement Practice


Here is an opportunity to learn some new movements and warm up for this workout at the same time! Watch the video links carefully! Take 5-10 minutes to practice these movements and become comfortable with the options you select for the workout. Error on the side of lighter dumbbells for the workout. These are complex movements that will generate fatigue and raise your heart rate quickly.

2 Rounds - for quality, confident reps. (Perform each movement sequentially for a total of 2 rounds of the three movements)


Practice the Devil’s Press (video link below) and select your workout weight. Once you are comfortable with your weight selection and your movement option, have at it!!!




How To: Set a timer and record how long it takes you to complete the workout. Perform 7 Devil’s Press then 7 Spider Burpees, then 6 Devil’s Press and 6 Spider Burpees, and so on until you complete the repetition scheme. This workout is all about pacing! Although it is only 12-15 minutes long, you can come out too hot and tap out mid-way through. Move steadily and efficiently, and then empty the tank for rounds 3-2-1.

Repetition scheme:


TIME GOAL: < 15 minutes.

Beginner option: Substitute the Devil’s Press with a Dumbbell Push Press and the Spider Burpee with a Burpee option or Up Downs.


Cool Down


15-minute Post-Workout Deep Stretch - Five Parks

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