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Tabata 300

hiit strength training tabata May 21, 2024


By Carla DiGirolamo, MD, CFL1


This workout uses a TABATA format over multiple movements to challenge you to accumulate 300 total repetitions in the shortest period of time. This workout has so many benefits, but here are just a few:

  •  The use of multiple complementary movements requires quick adaptation as you move among them in these short 20-second intervals.
  •  The ability to pick your stimulus give you the freedom to choose lighter weights and go for speed, or you can go heavier for a slower grind. Or you can mix it up! You could go light on the shoulder press and heavier with the kettlebell, or vice versa.
  •  The TABATA format creates an interval-style workout with short bursts of intensity with very short intervals of rest - just enough time to set up for the next movement. Rapid adaptation promotes stimulation of your neuromuscular system and pushes the margins of your fitness experience!


Warm Up


2 rounds for completion at a low to moderate intensity


Movement Practice


Take 5-10 minutes to find your weight selections for the workout. Be sure to choose weights where you can perform at least 5 repetitions unbroken during the 20 seconds of work. 300 repetitions is a lot of reps! The weights will get heavy as time wears on, so choose your options with this in mind.




300 repetitions for time

Perform the movements below in sequence until you complete 300 repetitions. Record the total time required to complete the workout.

  • Shoulder press - 20 seconds of work (counting your reps)
  •  10 seconds rest
  • Ab mat sit-up - 20 seconds of work (If no ab mat, roll a towel and place it under your lower back. Or, perform traditional sit-ups with knees bent and feet anchored…keep counting!)
  •  10 seconds rest
  • Kettlebell swings - 20 seconds of work (yes, you are still counting…)
  •  10 seconds of rest
  •  Air squats - 20 seconds of work
  •  10 seconds of test

….then back up to the shoulder press. Continue through the circuit until you have completed 300 repetitions.


Cool Down


Here’s a chance to be kind to yourself and be grateful for the amazing work you did with today’s workout. Check out this 20-minute stretch for recovery of your body and mind.

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