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Vacation Fitness

strength training tabata Jul 02, 2024


By Carla DiGirolamo, MD, CFL1


Training while on vacation is a challenge for all of us because we are out of our daily routines and without our usual access to trainers, coaches, and equipment- not to mention those late nights celebrating with friends and family. So “vacation” training must be versatile, require minimal equipment and space, and be modifiable for a low-intensity “just move to feel good” kind of workout, or a high-intensity sweat-fest.

Today’s workout includes all body-weight movements and is the first in this summer series designed to travel. It requires minimal equipment and space and can even be done outside. But don’t underestimate it just because it’s a “travel workout”. This is 30 minutes of solid fitness! Don’t be shy! Grab some friends and neighbors to join in the fun!


Warm Up


TABATA 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest x 6 minutes (3 rounds of the 4 movements in sequence)

  • Up-Downs
  • V-Up (see video link for options if V-Ups are not possible)
  • Ab Mat Sit-ups (if no ab mat, roll a towel up and place it behind your back, or do traditional sit-ups with knees bent/feet anchored).
  •  Easy Push-up


Movement Practice


Take 5-10 minutes to select your movement options. The instructional video links in the highlighted text demonstrate several movement alternatives. Do 1-2 “mini” rounds with 5-8 repetitions of each movement until you are comfortable with your selected options.

TIP! This is a higher-volume workout, so please select movement options that you can do confidently even when fatigued.




10 Rounds for time

  •  10 Burpees (see video for options and variations. May also sub Up-Downs or jumping jacks with double the prescribed repetitions)
  •  8 V-Ups (or other option)
  •  20 Mountain Climbers (Right + Left = 2 repetitions)
  •  8 push-ups

Goal Time: <25:00



  •  Just feel like a little jump-start to get you moving? Try 5 rounds instead of 10.
  •  Slow the repetitions - target 10 rounds for completion instead of 10 rounds for time and just focus on sound mechanics and movement.
  •  Review the movement videos and options and select movements that just feel good and do them at your own pace for as many rounds as feels good to leave you feeling invigorated and accomplished.




I know there are parties to go to and adult beverages to drink, but please be sure to hydrate and cool down effectively! #dontskiptheyoga

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